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Crypto Trading Algorithms

An in-depth Summary on Crypto Trading Algorithms

Crypto trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies in such a way that finally, it leads to profits. Several crypto trading bots, like Cryptohopper’s Market Making Bot, are used by exchange order books looking for profitable trading opportunities. These crypto trading bots range from a simple single strategy to a complex strategy script and also use complex, multifaceted engines to trade. Algorithmic trading is carried out using a computer system or a program to execute the trade on the market as per a specified set of rules. Algorithmic trading uses mathematical formulas and models to determine how and when to trade assets through an exchange.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

  • Algorithmic trading is a process of executing trade orders using automated pre-programmed instructions to trade, considering variables like price, volume, and type. This kind of trading leverages the computational resources, speed of computers compared with human traders.
  • They are sometimes referred to as “bots” or robots in retail markets and are entirely governed by code. Further, it does not involve any emotional component when these bots execute the trades. They process the numbers and proceed with the trade irrespective of any emotions.
  • The advantage of using bots is they run at all times. Compared with human traders who trade for a few hours, these bots can be kept running as long as required as the cryptocurrency markets operate 365 days, 24 hours, and seven days a week.

How do Trading Algorithms Work?

  • Algorithmic trading makes up a large order and uses automatic pre-programmed trading instructions for account variables like volume, price, and time and execute the order when the conditions are met. Humans can’t work with a significant frequency of trading orders.
  • If the user has a strategy that relies on cryptocurrency prices, it is possible to develop an algorithm for it; several techniques can also be carried out using algo trading.
  • Algorithmic trading is coded with programming languages such as NodeJS, Python, C++. They can be run on machines connected to cryptocurrency exchange API, and use price feeds as an input.

How to Develop an Algorithm?

Before starting to develop a trading algorithm, the user should have an idea about what type of strategies they want to use. Algorithms begin as an idea, and later it is developed into code, and finally, it is defined. Here are the few steps outlined that should be considered before acquiring an algorithm.

  • Develop Strategies

The user should have a fair idea about a specific strategy that they want the bot to follow. It could be a simple strategy based on the market movements the user has observed and wish to trade on it. The user can place their trades on their formulated strategies that are well defined in their decision-making process.

  • Coding

After developing a strategy, the next step is coding, involving understanding programming languages like Nodejs, Java, Python, and C++. In this stage, the user should process the strategy and develop a defined code.

  • Testing the Hypothesis

The next step is to test the hypothesis developed over a certain period based on the past data. The user should try their theory on different markets over different time frames; this step is easy to perform, and the user needs to deal with a lot of data.

  • Improving the Algorithm

The primary reason to backtest is to improve and polish the algorithms, which will help verify the results through backtesting and allow the user to assess their profitability. Based on this, they can adjust their parameters and the kind of assets they want to trade to achieve relative profitability.

  • Minimum capital

Order sizes need to be scaled by trading algorithms, and the user should be careful not to proceed with large orders before they have adequately tested the algorithm. Hence they need to start with a small amount as a minimum capital with smaller order sizes, connect with the trading bot through an API of exchange and allow it to run, which should be carefully monitored to calculate returns.

  • Monitoring

If the bot is doing well and the user is comfortable with the returns, they can increase the trade sizes. Besides, it is essential to monitor the impact and increments to assess the returns constantly.


A trading strategy or trading algorithm is a set of rules that define when to execute the trades and at what price. Trading algorithms help the traders buy or sell cryptocurrencies simultaneously; this allows them to minimize losses and acquire more profits. If the strategy developed by a user has worked out well, then they should proceed using that algorithm for future trading. Do not look further for more information regarding crypto trading platforms, visit stormgain reviews now.

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