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how tokens and nfts provide real-world value to crypto gamers

How tokens and NFTs provide real-world value to Crypto gamers?

Most traditional in-game assets are non-transferable, meaning that players cannot sell them to other players or transfer them out of the game context. This limitation reduces players’ digital assets’ value and power. Tokens and NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens) provide solutions by giving players full ownership of in-game items that can be traded, sold, and used elsewhere. These innovations have real, tangible value, and flexibility, changing how people engage in games.

Tokens & NFTs in Crypto Gaming

Tokens in crypto gaming are similar to virtual items; they are digital resources with differing gaming roles. Utility tokens are used for multiple in-game purchases, buying items, and possibly unlocking exclusive items or features. Playing tokens offer a voting right to the game, enabling players to decide on any changes to the game. These tokens can usually be sold or exchanged within the crypto exchanges, which gives real economic value to engagement in-game.

NFTs are alternative digital assets with individual traits that can be checked on the blockchain, making them rare and providing the owner’s identity. Tokens are very similar to NFTs but differ in that each token cannot be traded for another that is exactly similar to it, unlike NFTs, because each NFT has a different worth and quirk. They refer to non-fungible tokens that stand as in-game assets, including weapons, skins, avatars, and virtual plots of land. These items can be owned or traded and sold outside the game, meaning players have real ownership of video game assets that they can sell for real money. This amplifies the gaming value by offering utility and traceability to virtual assets, thus making them more meaningful.

Real-World Value for Crypto Gamers

  • One of the cool things about owning Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) in the gaming world is that they give players the freedom to buy, sell, or trade these digital assets on different marketplaces. This is especially important for cryptocurrency bingo, where players can own NFTs like bingo cards. These bingo cards, being NFTs, can be freely traded on various platforms, allowing players to use their in-game achievements and assets to potentially make real-world money. The decentralized nature of NFTs means that players have full control over their items, which can be easily transferred between users or across different games and platforms. 
  • When NFTs are integrated into gaming, it opens up new ways for players to make money. You see, as players engage in gameplay, they can acquire valuable NFTs that have the potential to earn them some cash. How does it happen? It can be through various means, like participating in special events, tackling tough challenges, or simply being one of the early birds in a game. As time passes, these NFTs become more sought after, and that’s when their market value shoots up. This means that players can sell them for a nice profit. Talk about turning gaming from just a fun pastime into a possible source of income. It adds a whole new level of excitement.
  • Traditional gaming usually sees items duplicated repeatedly, sometimes diluting their value. NFTs, however, add digital scarcity to the mix. This means specific in-game items will have numbers of their kind capped. This further enhances their value. Not only this, but the blockchain technology underlying NFTs also brings in digitally provable ownership: every item is given its unique identifier to check its authenticity and ownership history. It builds trust and adds value to the market, as players are very sure about the rarity and legitimacy of their in-game assets. Consequently, rare NFT ownership will instill pride in owners and increase their market value.


Tokens and NFTs drastically bring real-world value into crypto gaming. They enable zero-cost trading of in-game items, with the potential for financial gain through the acquisition of high-value NFTs. All the while, digital scarcity and provable ownership increase the worth of in-game items. This kind of innovation accomplishes much more than engaging with a player at a deeper level; it validates gaming as a potential means of earning a living by showing how blockchain technology will disrupt the current digital game space.

Carolyn Conrad

Carolyn Conrad has recently joined CryptoLighty news reporting team as a full-time reporter. She has been curating and writing for leading cryptocurrencies from last five years. She holds post graduate diploma in finance. She also holds year long experience in digital print media.

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