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Coinitix.com: A Devolved Nerve Center Transcribing Bitcoin Purchase

About the Coinitix

Cryptocurrency has become a crucial part of the global financial system after experiencing domain fluctuations for over a decade. Coinitix exchange is a subtle solution to all difficulties of crypto users. The primary aim of Coinitix is to offer a new experience to users when they purchase bitcoins using their credit cards. All we need to register on the site, consists of just two steps to create our account, verify the account, and then we can buy bitcoins. 

Coinitix has an easy to understand the process for onboarding and fast accord, expedited by their ingenious and fully automated platform. This is a significant problem that prohibits bitcoin adoption rates as users find it challenging to adopt complex processes in the crypto arena to purchase digital currency.

Due to these characteristics, Coinitix becomes a fantastic platform to use for Bitcoin purchases. On the other hand, users face many issues on different crypto exchanges, and even they need to be tech-savvy if they want to buy bitcoins. Besides providing this facility to prospective customers, Coinitix hosts other segment-first facilities that take the amenity of buying bitcoins to the next level.

Different Ways to Buy Bitcoins 

There are multiple options available in the market for users to buy Bitcoin, but one of the more beneficial and direct options to buy bitcoins is through direct transactions with the seller. This could be a trusted friend or acquaintance living nearby. Local bitcoin community meetups are great places to connect with other crypto enthusiasts, and often prefer to trade during member presence. Given below are simple ways to buy Bitcoins:

Credit cards

Bitcoin buying with Credit cards is the easiest option. Multiple web-based cryptocurrency platforms provide this facility. Once you register on this platform then, you just need to click on the Buy button if you already have a bitcoin wallet. For novice users, the platform will provide the option to download a wallet. The whole bitcoin buying experience is very suitable and quick.

Bitcoin ATMs

There is another way to buy bitcoin, which does not involve any intermediary. It is a bitcoin ATMs which is connected to the internet and accepts the currency as a payment. Bitcoin ATMs are growing rapidly day by day. It also offers the functionality of selling Bitcoins. If you need money in cash then, you can sell your bitcoin for a similar value of cash. 

P2P Exchange

Almost every cryptocurrency exchange gives peer-to-peer trading services that provide a direct connection between users. Once the user is registered, he/she can request to buy or sell bitcoins, which includes information about payment methods and price.

Buy bitcoin on Crypto Exchange

One of the simplest ways to buy bitcoins is through a cryptocurrency exchange. However, an essential factor to consider is the security of your coins. As crypto exchanges are vulnerable to cyberattacks and if your bitcoins are not stored cautiously, then you may lose your money. Hence, it is good to keep your coins in a Bitcoin wallet.

Benefits of buying Bitcoin through Coinitix

Coinitix is very user-friendly as a beginner can also use it without any problem. Users do not have to follow a complicated process to buy bitcoins. They can purchase bitcoins by once their account is created and verified on this platform. This easy onboarding process makes this platform more user-friendly. Coinitix offers a seamless experience to buy bitcoins with a credit card. With its quick and safe services, Coinitix eliminates the complexity of buying bitcoin through other methods.

All user activities performed on Coinitix are covered under strict protection. This makes Coinitix one of the most secure crypto exchange platforms in the market. It helps businesses, entrepreneurs, merchants to manage their payments, increase their customer base.


Coinitix indirectly helps to expand the process of adopting bitcoin by making the BTC buying experience simple, safe, and effective. The platform has come as a craving for a comfortable bitcoin buying experience for many investors through their credit cards. In addition, the highly competitive commission rate, responsive customer care, and coin’s regulated nature make it a preferred platform for purchasing bitcoins using your credit card.

Carolyn Conrad

Carolyn Conrad has recently joined CryptoLighty news reporting team as a full-time reporter. She has been curating and writing for leading cryptocurrencies from last five years. She holds post graduate diploma in finance. She also holds year long experience in digital print media.

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