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Most Popular Hacker George Hotz

Most Popular Hacker George Hotz says Bitcoin Cash is the ‘Real Bitcoin’

George Hotz, a widely known entrepreneur and hacker known for unlocking the iPhone for the first time is also known as Geohot. Interestingly he claims that Elon Musk offered him millions to create a better autonomous vehicle system than the current Tesla Mobileye solution.

Recently, he is in the news as he was present at the BCH Devcon in San Francisco. Also, he was interviewed by BCH Youtuber Hayden Otto.

On Wednesday, he explained how to generate a BCH private key from scratch using Python. In that video, he chiefly explains coding. He also defines how he would not be talking much about cryptocurrency politics.

He states, “I know we’re doing crypto things today, but we’re not going to talk about the politics of crypto — Because politics is for losers,” Hotz explained to the viewers. Before getting started, he also explained how he learned a few things at the BCH Devcon the prior week. “Transaction fees are super low on bitcoin cash”. He further added, “I’m Using bitcoin cash because it’s the real bitcoin.”

At the BCH Devcon, Hotz discussed the Lightning Network and the Ethereum network’s dapp projects. He revealed that he reads Ethereum code for pleasure and that he likes cryptocurrency technology.

Although, Hotz believes that the Ethereum network is a ‘bug bounty’ because smart contracts open the doors to malicious hackers getting paid without breaking laws.

He further elaborated that he was annoyed with paying high network fees on the BTC network last year. He thinks Lightning Network is too complicated in a fashion that perhaps ‘won’t work.’

With that, Hotz’s opinion on the Bitcoin scaling debate and his informative Python lesson was pleasurable for Bitcoin Cash proponents on forums and social media.

Isabel Kinnard

Isabel Kinnard is very passionate about cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. She has done major in journalism and mass communication. She has three years of combined experience in writing bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies related article. In addition to that she is interested in research analysis of latest crypto trends.

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